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The NU2U professional repairs centres - located in our Islandwide retail stores provides up to level three basic repairs, i.e. board level repairs, which include charge ports, sim trays, data ports, etc. The repairs centres also do cosmetic repairs.

All services provided by the repairs centre will attract a standard labor charge:

  • $400 for diagnosis
  • $800 for the opening of phones.

The repairs centre PROVIDES A 90-DAY GUARANTEE for the same repair. This means if the same part needs to be repaired within 90 days of having been repaired by the centre, there will be no charge for the repair of this part. The cost of the repairs can vary based on the model of the phone brought into the centre.


Warranties & After Sales Support


NU2U Electronics provides a 30-DAY EXCHANGE policy with our reconditioned phones. The conditions of this policy include factory faults only. Phones that have been physically or liquid damaged are not included in this exchange policy. We also provide an additional 60-day repair warranty that comes into effect after the first 30 days of purchase, This means that customers can have their phone repaired if they start to experience factory faults within 60 days after the exchange policy has expired. Therefore, our customer receives a total of 90 DAYS OF WARRANTY. After these 90 days expire, any repairs done on phones will attract a service charge.


NU2U Electronics provides a one-year warranty on all new phones we sell. This warranty covers manufacturer issues only. For example; the speaker stops working; the digitizer is not responding, etc. The warranty is immediately voided in the event of any physical or liquid damage to these phones. We will still repair the phones, however a service charge will apply.